A Day at the Beach

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Disclaimer: Paramount owns the Universe, I'm just borrowing it for a while.

Date: 1997/98. I can't quite remember.

Author: ElisaAzure@hotmail.com

Rating: PG-13

Note: I wrote this many, many years ago. I was only about 12 or 13 at the time. I was not quite good at characterisation, I just wrote stories that sounded fun to me, this was not my first though.

Summery: Kathryn is persuaded to take some shore leave, and ends up having more fun than she thought she would.

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"It's lovely!" exclaimed Kathryn as she and Chakotay materialised on one of Rasac's most beautiful beaches.

The Rascans were an extremely pleasant people, they loved travellers and hearing about their adventures. When they found out about Voyager they were ecstatic. They promoted their planet as the best place for weary travellers to restock and take some leave. To the crew of Voyager it was like being back in the Federation again and at a friendly Starbase. They offered shore leave and restocking and repair to the ship in exchange for some minor items and a copy of Voyager's database. Such kindness and hospitality was rare in the Delta Quadrant , it was a refreshing change.

Kathryn looked stunning in a blue swimsuit with a yellow sarong, which went down to her knees, perfectly summery for the beach. Chakotay was dressed appropriately in red swimming trunks and a thin red-brown t-shirt. Each of them were thinking how attractive each other looked and both trying to avoid such thoughts.

"It is nice." Chakotay replied, "Come on, let's find a spot to set up camp for the day. I imagine it's going to get very busy soon."

They went off on a search across the beach. For once neither seemed to care who saw them together. Nor did Kathryn seem to mind who saw her relax and laugh. Which for Chakotay was a refreshing change. Though it had still taken Tuvok, Chakotay and in some small part the Doctor to get Kathryn on shore leave, but all the effort was worth it when he saw her smile.

A while later they found a spot by the sand dunes that was out the way of the wind, but was close enough to the sea. It wasn't that crowded down there either, only a few of the Voyager crew were around exploring the near by rock pools or playing volley ball. All of them enjoying their time on land while they could.

The beach was beautiful, the sand was almost a pastel pink, but was mainly white under the suns glare. The sea was a mix of pastel greens and blues reflecting the clear Earth blue sky. The plants were even lighter green than usual and the whole place seemed to sparkle. It was like something out of a fairy tale or a dream.

Just as Chakotay was admiring the view out towards the sea a bag was flung onto him as Kathryn ran off towards the sea. It had been ages since she had swan in real water.

“Hey wait for me!” shouted Chakotay.

“Come and catch me!” Kathryn shouted over her shoulder.

Chakotay smiled dumped the bags on the towel he had already spread out. Then took off in chase of his captain. Normally he would have over taken her, but due to his weight it was hard for him to run over the dry sand. Kathryn being lighter ran over it like she was running on air. Yet as soon as they got to the wet sand, and it was firmer to walk on, Chakotay soon caught up with Kathryn. She kept on running with Chakotay close behind until she was waist deep in the water. And could not move in the current as easily.

Unfortunately she stopped to suddenly and with the motion Chakotay had built up he couldn’t stop in time. She suddenly felt a huge weight on her back as Chakotay ran into her and jumped determined that if he got soaked so would she. They both ended up crashing into the water as a large wave enveloped them. They soon came up spluttering, both mildly surprised as they had not seen the wave coming.

“Kathryn are you okay?” Chakotay asked innocently.

“Yes, sure a little drenched though.” she smiled back knowing full well he had pounced on her. “Just next time don’t dive for me while we’re in deep water.”

“Okay.” Chakotay grinned again, dimples showing, he was up to something. Diving under the water he let Kathryn know exactly what he was going to do.

Kathryn noticed this and was about to object when she felt two strong hands on her ankles. She took a deep breath and let her self be pulled under.

Chakotay came up for air after moving out the way of any retaliation kicks. Yet when he looked around he couldn’t see her. The water was clear but even under water where she just was there was no sign of her.

After another thirty seconds he began to get worried and was about to dive under to find her when something leaped out of the water like a dolphin behind him. It was Kathryn and she was laughing, giggling almost as she pushed Chakotay over. Yet due to her speed this time she couldn’t stop and ended up crashing into the water along with Chakotay. Both of them ended up entangled round each other the current from the waves not helping. Chakotay getting a glare from Kathryn when his floundering hands brushed passed inappropriate places. They soon managed to pull away from each other and come up for air.

“I think we better go to the shore before we drown each other.” Kathryn said between spitting out the tangy ginger tasting water.

“Good idea.” Said Chakotay who was doing likewise.

Chakotay then picked her up and started to carry her towards the shore. Grinning at Kathryn’s indignant expression.

“Chakotay this isn’t necessary.” she stated. And soon regretted saying it.

“Oh really.” Chakotay’s face a mask of pure innocence, he was getting good at it.

Then he dropped her in the water again, this time it was shallower but she still got a mouthful and gave him a glare as she spat out the all too familiar sea water.

“That does is mister.” She said as she pulled her self up with Chakotay’s help.

Laughing they chased each other back to their spot on the beach. When they got there both were exhausted. So they flopped down on the towels for a rest. They ate the picnic they had brought with them and joked around more, both were acting like teenagers. Both putting it down to something in the atmosphere. After they had finished eating they decided they would take a nap and get a tan.

~*~ =/\= ~*~

Kathryn woke up feeling slightly sore all over, she had not intended to sleep for that long. She looked down at herself and noticed that she was slightly red, sun burn the most annoying condition. The Doctor would definitely give her a lecture when she returned to the ship.

She looked over to Chakotay, who was still sound asleep, to see if he too looked like tomato. Yet to her annoyance he only seemed to be more golden than brown.

Lucky him he doesn’t get sunburn! She thought. Though he does look like a pot roast now.

Then she also noticed how dark it had become, there was still light being cast onto the beach by the impressive array of stars and the planets two moons, both full and reflecting the sun’s light quite well. Also they were now the only ones on the beach.

It might be a good idea to get going too. Kathryn thought.

The sand was comfortable but it did get in awkward places. She looked over again to the very sound asleep Chakotay.

“Chakotay?” She whispered in an attempt to wake him up. “Chakotay come on.” She said slightly louder and shook his arm slightly.

Yet all he did was turn over and mumble something indistinguishable. So Kathryn had an idea, well two. But she didn’t have a bucket with her to be able to try out her second plan.

“Commander Chakotay! We are under attack by the Borg! Please report to the bridge!” She shouted close to his ear.

He bolted up straight away, slapping his chest where his commbadge would usually be.

“Shields up…return fire…” He half shouted before realising where he was and who he was with.

He turned to face Kathryn who was in hysterics, almost rolling around unable to control her laughter.

Chakotay’s face flushed with embarrassment. Though it could hardly be seen through his dark tan.

At least there’s no one around. He thought, then the full implications of that hit him. He grinned that grin again, this time Kathryn did not notice and was not prepared.

He sprung on top of her catching her totally by surprise and was able to pin her and start tickling her.

The only reaction he got from Kathryn though was a small scream.

“Agghh Chakotay! Sunburn!” She squealed as she pushed him off her.

“Sorry, didn’t realise.” he apologised instantly getting off her carefully.

“It’s good to know that you are alert and awake quickly if we ever have an emergency.” Kathryn teased when she got back into a sitting position, laughing at the memory of his face. “And your expression! Priceless I wish I had had a holo-camera with me!”

“That’s it, you had better start running.” Chakotay said mockingly.

“I don’t run.” Kathryn replied defiantly, almost tempted to stick her tongue out at him.

Though when she saw him reach for the water bottle she decided she had better run, she had no intention of getting wet again. It was a cool night and getting colder, getting wet was not what she fancied. She got up and ran upon seeing Chakotay’s devilish grin again. She briefly smiled back before taking off over the sand. Chakotay followed hot on her heals, doing better to compensate for the shifting of the sand as his feet landed heavily on it.

Only a few meters away from their makeshift camp Kathryn lost her footing, despite the light the illuminated sky gave it was not quite enough to see large holes dug into the sand by other tourists. Chakotay soon caught up with her and made sure he jumped the hole that caused Kathryn to lose this particular water fight. He stood above her until she managed to get into a sitting position.

She noticed his silhouette and glared up at him, daring him to empty the contents on the water bottle over her head. She soon wished she hadn’t as Chakotay with a smug grin poured the contents over her head. She just sat there and laughed letting the cool water run over her. Surprisingly it made her sun burn feel a lot better.

When the bottle was empty Chakotay looked down to her and received a glare, which just made him laugh. As a death glare from Kathryn Janeway when she was in uniform and standing to attention could be worse than a phaser beam. But a death glare from a Kathryn Janeway when she was in her swimming costume, hair dripping wet and notably sunburned was too comical for Chakotay.

“You can stop laughing now.” she stated pulling herself up.

He didn’t.

So she leapt on him, and Chakotay not expecting her full weight to be on him suddenly lost his balance and soon found himself pinned by Kathryn. Who was smiling and thoroughly enjoying the change in events.

Now if Tom Paris were to beam down at this exact moment the rumour mill would be working over time and he would get quite a few replicator rations. Kathryn was sitting on Chakotay’s stomach with his hands being firmly held above his head. And both were in very little clothing, as would be expected for the beach.

They didn’t say a thing though, Kathryn’s expression changed and she loosed her grip on Chakotay’s arms. He could have pushed her off him, but he didn’t, something about her demur was hypnotic. She then started to lean in closer, sending shivers up his spine.


His words were cut off as her lips met in his in a feathery kiss. After a few seconds Kathryn drew back a few inches and looked in to Chakotay’s confused eyes.

“I love you Chakotay.” She confirmed.

Chakotay’s face became a stage for emotions to run across; confusion, surprise, relief, happiness and love. He knew how he felt and knew that it was about time that Kathryn realised her feelings too. He only had one thing to say.

“I love you too Kathryn.” Pure emotion pent up over the years, all put into such simple words.

Kathryn then kissed him again, more passionately. This time Chakotay took no time in responding. He rolled on top of her kissing her more intently each time. She let him do so kissing him back with the same intentions, her sunburn long forgotten.

Then from the camp an unmistakable beep of a communicator sounded through the silence on the beach. Kathryn and Chakotay stopped at the sound and unhappily let go of each other. With a sigh Kathryn got up to answer the annoying little trinket.

“Janeway here.” she responded slightly out breath.

“Captain we are about to leave orbit.” informed Tuvok’s unmistakeable voice from the stars.

Damn, Tuvok you have great timing. Chakotay and Kathryn seemed to think in unison judging by the expression on their faces.

“Alright Commander, beam us up in two minutes. Janeway Out.”

She dropped the communicator back in her bag. She let out a sigh as Chakotay came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist.

“I guess we had better pack up then.” He said disappointedly. He really didn’t want to leave just yet. He had not realised that this was the last day the ship was scheduled to be docked here. It had taken the whole week to convince Kathryn to get down here, and in the recent light of events he did not regret it, just wished is had happened sooner.

“Yeah.” Kathryn replied half-heartedly.

He released her and packed up their things making sure they left no rubbish on the beautiful beach.

“One more kiss?” asked Kathryn with a smile playing on her lips, after they had finished packing.

“Of course.” Chakotay replied with a similar smile.

While they were locked in an embrace they were transported up to the ship. Tuvok was too punctual. Also the Universe seemed to have a strange sense of humour as none other than Tom Paris was in the transporter room waiting for B’Elanna. When he saw the sight of his two commanding officers like that his jaw dropped wider than a wormhole.

Kathryn and Chakotay realising what had happened grinned then blushed and hurriedly left the transporter room together. Holding hands.

Tom now with a huge smile on his face, greeted B’Elanna with a quick kiss and informed her that he was treating her to dinner tonight. He had just acquired several replicator rations.

~*~ =/\= ~*~

The next day Kathryn and Chakotay came onto the bridge looking very tired but very happy. They held hands but parted at the command level.

Kathryn went over to Tom who was grinning intently sitting at his post.

“Tom I hope you have a lot of replicator rations from what you saw last night as you may need them for a Wedding cake.” She whispered into his ear, grinning.

~*~ =/\= ~*~

Feedback please!!! Though bare in mind the original was written at 3am in the morning after getting the inspiration form a dream. I revised it slightly while typing it up but not much to keep it true to what I wrote as a child.