Chakotay’s Bath


Author: Sophie aka. Faerie Janeway


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Disclaimer: I don’t own these characters, Paramount does. I am poor. They are rich. Figures.


Summary: Chakotay’s in the bath, Kathryn joins him. A declaration of love, and some bubbly fun later, something happens which they have both wanted for seven years…




Chakotay breathed in the relaxing aroma of the lavender bubbles. He finally had an evening with no work to do. He dropped his fluffy towel on the floor and climbed into his bath, letting the hot water and scent relax him.




Next door, Kathryn was forming a plan. He had told her that he was going to have a bath that night, and she had decided that it would be the perfect time to tell him. They might even have some… fun.


“Computer, what is the location of Commander Chakotay?”


“Commander Chakotay is in his quarters.” She grinned to herself. She threw off her night dress and wrapped a towel around herself. She grabbed a spare towel, her dressing gown and night dress. After a moment’s thought, she grabbed her hairbrush.


“I hope you’re ready for me, Chakotay. Tonight is one you’re never going to forget. You really shouldn’t have told me you were having a bath…” Smiling, she poked her head out of her door. The corridor was clear, so she slipped out and stood outside Chakotay’s doors. They were locked.


“Oh well,” she said to herself. “I’m the Captain, I can do things like this. I think.” She somehow managed to override the lock. Quietly she set her things down on the sofa. She threw her second towel onto the floor in his bathroom, and quietly put the other one on top of it. She slipped into the bath next to Chakotay, and whispered in his ear.


“Hello, Chakotay. Thanks for inviting me.” Chakotay stirred a little from his relaxed state of mind. He thought he’d heard Kathryn’s voice whispering seductively in his ear, but he thought he was just kidding himself. He opened his eyes, and saw her sitting opposite him, smiling.


“Kathryn! What the hell are you doing on my bath?” He blushed slightly.


“Commander, you’re blushing!” She moved closer to him. “I’m sure there’s no reason for you to blush.”


“Kathryn, what happened to protocol? Is this a dream?”


“Screw protocol, and believe me, Chakotay, this is not a dream. I came here to tell you something.” She moved closer to him, until their thighs were touching. She let her hand rest on his thigh, and she started to stroke it lightly.


“Kathryn, stop it!” He smiled, knowing she would do something else.


“Don’t you like it, Commander? I could always do something else.” She smiled. “I came here to tell you that… that I love you. I return your feelings for me.” She kissed him lightly on the lips to show him that she meant it.


“Mmmm, I love you too, Kathryn. Did I ever tell you that you look gorgeous… in bubbles?”


“Why, thank you Chakotay. I can easily say the same about you.” She was now flirting madly with him. One arm was draped along his strong, broad shoulders, and the other one was still underwater.


“Captain Kathryn Janeway take your hand off there! What would people say if they knew?!”


“But they won’t… so I can do whatever I want.” She giggled girlishly. She scooped up some bubbles and put them under his chin. “What a fine beard you have, Chakotay. It suits you.”


Chakotay scooped up some bubbles himself, and placed them on top of Kathryn’s hair, like a crown.


“My Queen, you look dazzling tonight.”


“I’m glad you think so.” She swung her legs over onto his lap, and moved over so she was leaning against your chest. “I locked the door properly this time.”


She kissed him deeper this time, and their tongues started exploring each other’s mouth. She let her hands wander again, and Chakotay did the same.




An hour later, they had made love in the bubbles for the first time.


“I love you, Kathryn Janeway.”


“I love you too, Chakotay. Shall we go to bed, now? The water is getting cold.”


“Mmmm, alright.” He stood up with Kathryn in his arms and set her down on the floor. She dried off and slipped on her silky peach night dress. Chakotay appeared a few moments later in pyjamas. “My quarters or yours?”


“Get your uniform, Commander.” Kathryn had put on her dressing gown and was brushing her hair. He grabbed a clean one from his bedroom, as well as a hair brush and a toothbrush. Together they quickly dashed next door to Kathryn’s quarters. She threw her stuff onto the sofa, and Chakotay did the same. She left her dressing gown draped over a chair, and led him into her bedroom, which had a double bed in it.


“Being Captain has its perks,” he muttered. He got in next to her, and wrapped his arms around her. They fell asleep together.




Two weeks later, Kathryn was about to leave for duty when she suddenly felt sick. She dashed to the bathroom and only just made it in time. After making sure she wouldn’t throw up again, for a while at least, she called Tuvok and told him she had to go and see the Doctor.




“Ah, good morning Captain. Are you ill?” The Doctor greeted her cheerfully.

”Stop being so damn cheerful. I feel terrible.”


“Well, just sit up here and I’ll have a look.” He scanned her with his tricorder. “Captain, congratulations.”


“Doctor, please elaborate.”


“I’m very happy to tell you that you’re pregnant.”


“Pregnant?” She repeated. And fainted.




She came round a few minutes later, and saw Chakotay looking over her worriedly, holding her hand.


“What happened?” Kathryn still felt a little odd.

”You fainted, Captain. Would you like to know who the father is?”


“Yes, please.”


“It’s Commander Chakotay.” There was a moment of silence.


“Thank you, Doctor.” He pressed a hypo to her neck.


“That should stop the morning sickness for today. Come and see me at the end of the shift and we’ll work out something. You’re free to go.”


The two of them left sick bay and dashed to the morning meeting.


“Commander Chakotay and myself have something to tell you,” she announced as they walked in. “We’re expecting a baby.”