In His Arms

Author: Karen C.
Rated: PG
Summary: What really happened right after the plasma storm in Resolutions?
Disclaimer: Paramount owns 'em. Not me. Just having a little fun.

Authors Note: Did anyone notice in 'Resolutions' when the plasma storm was wreaking havoc that Kathryn was in Chakotay's arms under the table and he was holding her quite tightly and stroking her arm? Sure she was devastated that her research equipment was being destroyed and that she wouldn't be able to find a cure, but what exactly happened when the storm let up and they found themselves lying on the floor with his arms around her? Here's my take -- short and sweet.


In His Arms (1/1)

The thundering of the storm was deafening. Kathryn watched in horror as with each shake of the ground more and more of her research equipment flew off the table and slammed to the floor, breaking into pieces. "No! Oh, no!"


When the storm was just beginning, Chakotay had found her in the forest, fallen to the ground and clutching her black case. He had helped her to her feet, took the case and guided them to the shelter despite the violent shaking of the ground and the blinding flashes. They had sought refuge in the only logical place in the shelter -- under the table. He covered her body with his and put his arms around her to protect her from flying debris. She had tried to break away from his hold when she realized that her equipment was being destroyed, but he just held her tighter, knowing it wasn't worth getting killed for.

After most everything had fallen and shattered, he felt her collapse onto the floor and sob. He knew that her dreams of finding a cure for their disease and allowing them to leave this planet and re-join Voyager were all but shattered also. All he could do was hold her and stroke her comfortingly.

The storm continued on for what seemed like an eternity, but was really only another ten minutes or so. All the while he had been holding her, protecting her. During that time he reflected on how devastated she must be, knowing that she could no longer continue her research, and in the back of his mind he thought how good it felt to have his arms around her, even if it had to be in these cirucumstances. Chakotay didn't know whether to look upon this storm as a curse or a blessing. It was a curse to finally know that, short of a miracle, they would never be able to get off the planet and go home again, and a blessing to think that he would spend the rest of his days with Kathryn Janeway -- the object of many of his dreams, in waking and in sleep.

As the storm subsided and moved on into the distance, the silence was overwhelming. Kathryn's head was still down and her body was limp in his arms. He continued to stroke and gently squeeze her arms as she quietly cried for the lost opportunity. He felt her lift her head and sob, "Oh, Chakotay! I'm sure it's all ruined. None of my equipment could've survived. What are we going to do?!"

"We'll manage, Kathryn. We'll manage." he practically whispered as he pulled her closer to comfort her. "We've managed before and we'll make it this time, too." She dropped her head back down and he nestled his face into her thick hair, wanting to be as close as he could to her. It seemed so perfectly natural now, after having held her all this time.

Kathryn could feel his strong heartbeat against her back and through her hair she could feel his warm breath on the back of her neck. She was exhausted, mentally and physically, but this new situation sent a tingling sensation down her spine. She had been in his arms for going on twenty minutes now, and she found that she liked the sense of security they conveyed. She was the one always watching out for her crew, her flock, but now she was the one being protected and she liked the liberating feeling that came with it. These last few years of being the steadfast Captain, allowing no one in, had made her forget what it felt like to be held and cared for by a man. She was experiencing sensations she hadn't felt for years. She didn't know where all this was going, but right now it felt too good to end it.

He began stroking her arm again and that only added to her tingly feeling. Kathryn felt her body begin to give in to her wanting. Realizing what was happening, she turned over quickly to face him. They looked deep into each other's eyes, sensing the other's desire, but not knowing how far to let it go. Realizing that they were almost about to do something that would forever change their relationship, Kathryn uttered, "Chakotay, I . . .",

Reaching up and cupping her cheek, he silenced her lips with a brush of his thumb and said, "Shhh."

Feeling his soft, warm hand on her face and then his thumb touching her sensitive lips, her desire overwhelmed her. She quickly closed the gap between their faces and covered his mouth with hers.

As much as he had wanted this moment for years now, Chakotay couldn't help but be stunned at her sudden kiss. If he let her continue, would he be taking advantage of her emotional state? Then again, would stopping her make her feel like a child being scolded for not controling her impulses? In the end, it didn't matter because his yearning for her took over. He responded by entwining the fingers of both of his hands in her thick hair and hungrily kissed her back. They had both wanted, no *needed* this for a long time and their passion went uncontrolled for several moments while they explored each other's mouths. Tongues searched and lips moved frantically as each came to know the taste and feel of the other. They panted and grunted in pleasure and reckless abandon.

Kathryn couldn't help but be somewhat shocked at her own sudden loss of control. She had been so chaste for so long that her body was coursing with hormones and desires. Chakotay's lips were so warm and so soft. His tongue was doing incredible things to her tongue and lips. She could feel his hard, strong chest under hers. Her body was enjoying this more than she ever thought she could. But suddenly she had a terrible feeling that it was all wrong.

She broke off the kiss haltingly and said, panting, "We can't do this!"

Expecting something as such, he relaxed and, panting himself, asked, "Why not?"

"Because we're . . . I mean, we . . .", she stammered.

"Kathryn," he said smiling a little, "there's nothing stopping us now. No protocol, no regulations, no worries about the crew -- it's all gone now. It's just you and me. Let it go, Kathryn."

She hesitated a few more moments while she considered what he said and came to the realization that he was right. Slowly she started to smile with a certain gleam in her eyes. Then she uttered in her husky, sensuous voice, "You know, that was better than I had ever imagined it would be. Let's see now . . . where were we?" she teased, as she again leaned toward him to find his mouth with hers.


Author's Note: Of course, this would change the happenings of rest of the episode, but what the hay?