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Being John Malkovic!.... uh, Robert Beltran - a tall man in a tiny country

Awaiting the 'Boxers or Briefs, Robert?' question with some trepidation 'No, that's sunny-side up where I come from... tell you what, I'll make it easy for you - I'll have them scrambled. You know 'scrambled' right?Still subconsciously expecting the imminent 'boxers or briefs?' question

Losing control of that grin....See, told ya!

Could you resist that lost look and those eyes?You could?  Betcha couldn't resist this one

Okay, who asked him if he'd tried jellied eels?I'm sure that means something rude, somewhere

'Excuse me, Mr. Beltran, do you know the tables on my foot?' 'No, son - but you sing it and I'll hum along.'

Norwich wallpaper 800 x 600Norwich wallpaper 640 x480

With a big 'Thank You!' to Lucy Cook & Tony Jex for the pics. It was so kind of you to think of us Con Cinderellas, Lucy and Tony :)

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