A basic story/html document template

<TITLE>Your story title goes here</TITLE>
<BODY BGCOLOR="#FFFFFF" Text="#000080" Link="#CD1076" Alink="#66FF48" Vlink="#000000">

<P>My story
<P>by, your name

<P>Your story starts here. Use <P> at the start of each new paragraph and<BR> each time you want a line break, like this....

<P>Chakotay didn't miss the fact that Kathryn's hands were on her hips - never a good sign.
<P>"Well?" she snapped. "Come on, spit it out... I don't have all day, Mr. Paris!"

See? Just place your mouse cursor at the start of this doc (where it says <HTML>) and highlight the whole thing. Copy and paste into notepad or wordpad, and just fill in the gaps with story title, your name, and of course the story, using the HTML codes as above. Then just save as a word.doc and email it to me. If you want to convert it to a HTML doc though, save it as *.html (where * is the name of your story eg: destiny.html) and also more importantly, a text document. Here are some more HTML codes you might find useful...

<I>Will give you italic text, good for character thoughts, or vessel names like Voyager</I>

<B>Will give you bold text, good for emphasis</B>

<P align="center">Will give you centered text</Center>

Or, maybe a page divider/scene changer like this

<P align="Center"> *********************************</Center>