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To the Chakotay Files. Here, we hope to post as much as we can about Commander Chakotay - Robert Beltran's best known role, to-date.

Most of the information contained in the "Chakotay Files" has been transcribed from "Paramount's Official Star Trek Fact Files" and "Star Trek Voyager", but for ease, and just to move Chakotay's story along, we've included some information from Jeri Taylor's novel, "Pathways". If we've made any glaring errors, or forgotten something completely, please, please let us know.

Special thanks to Diamond for allowing us to link to her "Tribute To Janeway & Chakotay". If it hadn't been for her kindness, we'd still be trying to get this page finished come the Millennium. It's an ongoing tribute, and will be updated when Real Life TM allows.

Thanks too, to Joan and JC Future for allowing us to link to their wonderful picture galleries. JC Future iscompiling pics from every episode and Joan has hundreds of miscellaneous pics, fan art and 'Voyager' screensavers. Check out her screensaver of Chakotay in "The Fight"!

Also, this page is interactive! Uh.... yeah, that's as in, email us and we'll add your Chakotay thoughts to the site. So, if you have any transcribed interviews, articles, little snippets about why you like the character of Chakotay, favourite pictures, favourite quotes, fan art you'd like to share, ditties, poems, touchy-feely counts, shuttle-counts, top-tens, other 'Chakotay' pages you'd like to recommend, or add a link for - then get scribbling! We can't actually post your fan fiction due to time constraints, but we can link to it. So send us those links!

Don't worry if you can't 'speak' HTML code. Just email what you've got and we'll translate it into, 'Computer Geek' for you (g).

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