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We need your pictures, please!

Which is your favourite Chakotay picture? Is it that one from the first season - the one you've got taped on the wall above your computer, or is it one that you've drawn or painted yourself?

Here's your chance to put it somewhere safe before the cat falls asleep on it, or the kids use it as a frisbee :) If you have access to a scanner, email the pic to us, or if you know where we can find it on the WWW, drop us a line with the URL. Once we have that webmaster's permission to use it (if it's needed), we'll post it here with your name (unless you'd rather lurk and drool from the shadows, of course :)

Don't worry if you're scannerless (!) and/or somebody beats you to a pic - your name and any 'Chakotay' comments/messages you have will still be posted here - sort of a graffiti wall.

The main thing is to get your pics up here, share them with the rest of us and enjoy reading the messages. So, here we go......

Wall 1

Wall 2

Wall 3

See also GillyH's RB/Chakotay Gallery and Wallpaper Gallery for more Robert and Chakotay art n pics.

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