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I work very hard to Photoshop/photochop these 'J/C, J or C, KM or RB' fake and non-fake pictures, so please give credit where credit is due if you use them on your site, and Especially if you use them to make icons, sigs, avatars etc for sharing on Live Journal. Just a tiny credit/link on your page when and where you post them is fine. Otherwise, you're saying that you made them from scratch - by ommission - and that's just not fair. Ta :)

* Best viewed at 24bit or 32bit true colour

* Best viewed at 24bit or 32bit true colour


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Chak_watercolourChak_watercolourChak_watercolourChak_watercolourChakotay watercolour

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ChakotayChakotay Painterly

Robert(1) Robert(1) Download(1) Download(1)

Chakotay Dad Chakotay, 1st season painterly with Maquis emblem Chakotay, tag/header Hello, Old Friend
"The Observation Deck"
By Brianna Thomas

Chakotay, tag/headerC Chakotay, tag/header(2)Chakotay, tag/header Download

Chakotay, Studio Portrait - large size Chakotay, Studio Portrait - large sizeChakotay, tag/header(1) Chakotay, tag/header(1)

NB: See also, Robert at Norwich, June 2000


(1) Made using a tutorial and/or resources from Bunny's Attic, and/or resources from dozibaer.com

(2) Made using a tutorial and resources from

(3) Made using resources from PSDCovers.com

Please also note that the black and gold frame used isn't mine, it's one of many beautiful PSPro tubes from "Images by Juliomac"