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Please note that due to time constraints, The Annex is unable to beta-edit submissions, and that they will be posted in the format they are received in :) If you need it, you'll find a basic story/html document template here. Just highlight and copy and paste it into a wordpad, rich text format, or notepad document, fill in the gaps, add your story then rate it (between U and NC-17), add a summary and a disclaimer, then send it to me and I'll post it here for you.


annex bulletHold Me (NC-17) by Maquis Woman.

J/C. The Captain is caught in the bathtub (41.4 KB)

annex bulletConfessions by Deanna Fleetwood.

A fanfic involving Chakotay after Janeway's death. It's the beginnings of how he deals with the loss. More in the series to follow. (5.4 KB)

annex bulletNew Earth Dreams by Deanna Fleetwood.

Non-J/C. 4 REAL dreams the author had about Chakotay. They are written in first person, so you really don't know who is speaking. (14.8 KB)

annex bulletFive Days Of Heartache (PG Rated) by Heather Lynne.

Chakotay has reason to believe that Kathryn has been avoiding him. His suspicions all point to her having an affair behind his back, and with the least likely of crew members. No real angst; this is a comedy. (98KB)

annex bulletSex, Lies And Holoprograms (PG-13 Rated) by Heather Lynne.

Harry, Crew, J/C hints - This story takes place in the fifth season, before the episode “Disease. Harry falls for the wrong woman - again! (64KB)

annex bulletCoffee-Black (G-Rated) by Heather Lynne.

J, J/C hints - Kathryn ponders how to deal with B'Elanna's actions during "Lineage" and also meditates on the role of coffee in her life. Angst warning. (11.6KB)

annex bulletAlpha/Omega (Mild NC-17) by BonnieH44@go.com.

J/C - Voyager's beginning and end! (110KB)

annex bulletSurprise!!!(PG-13) by BonnieH44@go.com.

J/C - Another year and Voyager is still out there. (24KB)

annex bulletAlways And Always, Forever And Ever (NC-17) by Hayley-Rose Roberts.

J/C - Set 3 days after "Counterpoint". Kathryn is feeling used after Kashyk betrayed her. When she realises she is alone she decides to shut every'one out and concentrate on getting Voyager home. With Commander Chakotay's help she gradually opens up again. (25KB)

annex bulletDamn!Damn!Damn!Damn! (mild NC-17) by BonnieH44@go.com.

J/C - Home is where the heart is (82 KB)

annex bulletReshun'dru (PG-13) by BonnieH44@go.com.

J/C - "Oh...shit, not again!" A turbo-lift story. (11 KB)

annex bulletFirst Contact (mild R) by BonnieH44@go.com.

J/C - "So, Commander. What do I do with 43 Maquis crewmembers who hate Starfleet with a passion?" (11 KB)

annex bulletAbout Time (PG) by Circe.

J/C - Chakotay's being 'difficult', but Janeway decides, "Time's up!" (42 KB)

annex bulletClose Your Eyes (PG-13) by Circe.

J/C - So why did one of the Delaney sisters see Chakotay leaving the Captain's quarters wearing nothing but a strategically draped towel? (51 KB)

annex bulletBit Of The Witch (PG13) by Circe.

J/C - Chakotay gets a nasty blow to the head, but the EMH is down, so guess who has to stay with him all night... just in case? (27 KB)

annex bulletMiKaya (PG-13) by Circe.

J/C - Who are Alijalis and MiKaya? And why are they watching J/C? (39 KB)

annex bulletWorst Days (NC-17) by Jarod E. Smith

- Part one. This story takes place in the beginning of the 7th season. Couple of months after Unimatrix Zero and about a year into my own story called: Talon. The screenplay of Talon takes place twenty years later, than this story. (131 KB)

Jarod has also made some terrific 'Enterprise' Wallpaper!