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These are just some projects I've done to help me better understand Paintshop Pro or Photoshop, or to tryout new ideas for effects, or works that aren't J/C, made at the request of friends. If you'd like to take something for a web-page, a credit/link back to my frontpage would be much appreciated: ''

** Best viewed at 24bit or 32bit true colour

Gilly, Daisy sig-tag

pendant pansy pansy pinkorchid pinkorchid2 sweetpeas-gillyh

vhrose2a vhrose2b vhrose2c Summer-Flight Suncatcher Koi Carp Stained-glass Iris Suncatcher Stained-glass

kissing-kits stained glass Summerflight, variation Summerflight, variation Gardenia, wood inlay Painterly kitty out of the frame effect

The stained glass supplies are from Spectrum Glass

Flower graphics from Mark's logo

NB: The Peace Rose Pin and the J/C Tales book were made using tutorials and resources from

My daisy sig-tag uses bow, daisy, brushes, & stitch resources from Bunny's Attic