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29 November 2018: Finally got around to fixing some bits I wasn't happy with in the RB/KM 'Red Cloud' fiddle I did a while back, and brightened it a bit too.

28 November 2018: Added a 'Noir' Chakotay with Whisky fiddle to the top of RB/Chakotay Gallery and a wallpaper of the same on a black brick background to the top of Wallpaper Page 1. The original George Clooney version I had kept saving with horrible jpeg artefacts in the black areas so I had to make my version a lot darker to get rid of these.

21 April 2018: Added 4 photo-masked versions of my Sims 4 "Architects Of Infinity" inspired wallpaper to the top of Adult Fakes Page. The masks I used are made by

15 April 2018: Well, Finally! "Architects Of Infinity" and Kirsten Beyer didn't disappoint. I'm more than happy with the J/C content, and I'm loving all the J/C fan fiction it has generated so far. I've been looking for the right photo to fiddle with for *that* wonderful scene, but I haven't found one that works yet. In the meantime, I had a go at making some screenies in Sims 4 and playing around with the Flaming Pear "Flood 2" plugin in Photoshop. I have made some 1920 x 1080 wallpapers with it which you might like if you're really into playing J/C Sims, but I've also made them in a smaller size with a white frame. "Simple Pleasure" wallpapers and "Simple Pleasure" frames at the top of Adult Page both in light and darker versions.

30 March 2018: Apologies for all the "Architects Of Infinity" fiddles, but I'm so excited waiting for my copy to arrive, I have to do something to stop my hands from itching! *grin* I've added a couple of slightly different versions of the J/C book cover to Wallpaper Page 1. All I've done is switch J and C around and added more details to J's hair which I'd erased more of than I thought in the first versions.

24 March 2018: Added a "Softer" 1920 x 1080 version of the J/C "Architects of Infinity" wallpaper to the top of Wallpaper Page 1. Also added a re-working of an old fiddle of mine with a quote I saw on Pinterest to the top of The J/C Gallery.

24 March 2018: Added two new J/C versions wallpapers of "Architects of Infinity", the new Kirsten Beyer Voyager novel, to the top of Wallpaper Page 1, 1920 x 1080 and 1024 x 768 sizes.

18 March 2018: Added two fiddled layouts of a J/C Version of "Architects of Infinity", the new Kirsten Beyer Voyager novel to the top of Wallpaper Page 1 . I added a mock-up J/C copy of the up-coming novel, a matching mug, and some peace roses in one version, and just a simple wooden background in the other version.

18 March 2018: "Architects of Infinity" a Star Trek Voyager novel by Kirsten Beyer will be released soon. The cover doing the rounds has Voyager and another Star Ship on the cover, no characters. Well, you know me, got to have my J/C desktop wallpaper of the cover, so I added J/C in. It's a bit cluttered, but it's J/C :) Added to the top of Wallpaper Page 1 . I'm going to try and do a paperback or hardback mock-up of it today if I get the time :)

18 March 2018: Ooops! Realised I uploaded the wrong version of the Robert & Kate fiddle I made for Ella. This final one has the missing strands of hair behind KM's ear on the right. Apologies :)

17 March 2018: I've added a little Robert & Kate fiddle made at the request of J/C fan Ella, who said, "I love these two! Please can you magic them closer together and put the picture in a frame so I can have it as desktop wallpaper." Happy to, Ella. It works well on a plain black background :) Also, Added "My Eyes!" a Tom, Harry, J/C giggle-pic to Giggle-piccs page 19. :D

19 November 2017: A little something to celebrate RB's birthday today. I love this man, especially as Chakotay :) xx I had a go at using the 'Content-Aware' feature in Photoshop and the results weren't great, so I had to clone in a brushed background to cover the Kim and Paris areas of "Away-Mission" in a mixed media way and just leave Commander Chakotay going on an 'Away-Mission' by himself. Added to the top of Wallpaper Page 1 in original and painterly versions.

21 October 2017: I've uploaded a Paris, Chakotay, Kim 'Away-Mission' fiddle to the top of Wallpaper Page 1. Maybe they were off after Henry Starling again in "Future's End" or something :) It's not a wallpaper, just a big picture in a lighter and a darker version. Not 100% happy with the Kim part, but I'm on the lookout for a better head to use instead.

05 August 2017: Added "Whupass!" a KJ wallpaper to the top of Wallpaper Page 1

30 July 2017: I felt the need to fiddle when I actually had the time. Woohoo! Synergy! :D Added 'JC_Phasers_stars' in colour and in greyscale to the top of Wallpaper Page 1. Also, Added "Kathryn Janeway As Captain Of Voyager" - a fiddled 'publicity shot' - to the top of The KM/KJ Gallery. The original body-shot is a press-kit publicity shot of Roxann Dawson as Chief Engineer, B'Elanna Torres from

28 May 2017: Added JC_Burlesque wallpaper to the top of Wallpaper Page 1. Not based on any specific event or episode in Voyager, it's just an adaption of dialogue between Tess (Cher) and Sean (Stanley Tucci) in one of my favourite scenes from one of my all-time fav movies, "Burlesque" - a scene which fits my J/C world very well imho, so I had to use it for a wallpaper. Enjoy! :)

27 April 2016: Added a re-imaging of an old KM Emmy 'Actor' fiddle I did a few years back to the top of the KM/KJ Gallery best viewed on a back-lit laptop if you have one, also used the same image in a framed 'miniture' wallpaper with peace rose, Captain's pips, Maquis rank bar, and Commbadge and added that to Wallpaper Page 1.

26 April 2016: Added 'KM & RB Lights' fiddle to the top of the KM Gallery and the RB Gallery. I've always loved both individual pictures and decided to put them together so that I can use just the one image as my Lock screen on my phone. Cute! :) Also did a re-image of 'Sunday In The Park' adding some light brushes and misty brushes, added to the top of the J/C Gallery. Also took a liberty with a press photo for RB's new role in "Circuit". I already had a J/C gangster fiddle, but I've never been happy with the C part, so leapt on the "Circuit" image and used that instead for an 'older' pair of gangsters *grin*. Added to the top of the KM Gallery and the RB Gallery.

14 December 2015: Well, it's been a while! I FINALLY have some time off work when I have nothing much to do at home, so I decided to indulge myself and have some fun with some Chakotay images. I've uploaded 4 versions of 'Chakotay Starry' - colour, black & white, painterly x 2 - and 1 version - colour - of 'Chakotay Frosty' to my RB/Chakotay Gallery. I hope you like. :)

14 March 2015: Added a Chakotay 'Hearts' and a KJ 'Hearts' Wallpaper in gold and red to the top of Wallpaper Page 1. If I get time later, I'll make a J/C one :)

15 February 2015: Added a new J/C wallpaper to the top of Wallpaper Page 1. The original separate Chakotay and Janeway Voyager novel covers used were created by artist Martin Frei, I've just cloned out Harry Kim (sorry Harry ), pasted in KJ, duplicated some of the space rocks and added some lens flares to try n cover the joins. I love seeing J and C on the same novel cover, so I had to have a go at this one :) xx

17 November 2014: Added "The Chaos of Stars", a J/C Wallpaper to the top of Wallpaper Page 1.

24 July 2014: Added some Chakotay watercolour fiddles to the top of the RB/C Gallery, a single Janeway watercolour fiddle to the top of the KM/J Gallery. Also added some wallpaper re-workings to the top of Wallpaper Page 1.

13 July 2014: Added a Chakotay 'sword' wallpaper to the top of Wallpaper Page 1.

02 March 2014: Added a J/C Painterly to the top of the J/C Gallery.

19th January 2014: Added two versions of a new Chakotay fiddle/wallpaper to the top of Wallpaper Page 1, and a matching set of C, KJ, and J/C sig cards to the top of Bitsnbobs.

07th October 2013: Added KJ and Chakotay "Merchandise" spoofs to the top of the KJ_Gallery and C_Gallery, These came about whilst I was prevaricating over a story and I wondered how Starfleet might exploit the returning heroes when Voyager returned to the AQ :)

06th October 2013: Added a set of "Queen Of F***ing Everything" mug & coaster spoofs featuring KJ, Arachnia, KM to the top of Adult Fakes. I've put them there just to be on the safe side, because of the language.

14th August 2013: Started Giggle-Piccs page 19 with a Janeway/Arachnia 'Miss Congeniality' picc

05th August 2013: Added a new J/C fiddle 'JC_Black' and a new KM & RB fiddle 'RBKM-BW' to the top of the J/C Gallery

04th July 2013: Added a new/re-do Sims 2 Chakotay tattoo costume make-up to the Sims 2 page.

23rd June 2013: Added a Sims 3 Chakotay tattoo costume make-up to the top of the Sims 2 page.

01st May 2013: Added "Hope" by KittyKat.B to the Wetfic Archive PG-PG13 stories - a lovely 'Coda' addition. Please read and review :)

14th April 2013: Added a 'red' and a 'green' cast version of my KJ in black leather fiddle, in wallpaper sizes to the top of Bits & Bobs

07th April 2013: Added a re-working of 'Nightcap' - a Chakotay fiddle - and a re-working/quote addition of 'One Day' - a J/C fiddle - to the top of Bits & Bobs

06th April 2013: Added a couple of 'wee' J/C characters to the top of Bits & Bobs

20th March 2013: Added a Chakotay painterly wallpaper to top of Wallpaper Page 1

09th February 2013: Added JC-Snowlove wallpaper to top of Wallpaper Page 1

03rd March 2013: Added JC_wallx (NC-17, Not worksafe) to the top of Adult Fakes. Probably works best at full-screen on a lighter/back-lit laptop monitor.