**SIMS 3 - G-rated Costume Make-up**

A friend asked me to have a go at making a tattoo for Chakotay for Sims 3. This is my first attempt :)


Right-Click Here to download the .package file, save link as/save target as, once downloaded copy the file to your Mods/Packages folder, then make your Sim go to CAS and you'll find the tattoo in 'Costume Make-up'.

**SIMS 2 G-rated Costume Make-Up**

I was pleased with the new Sims 3 tattoo so I had a go at using the same *.psd file to make a new Sims 2 Chakotay tattoo as well.


It's not perfect yet, but it's a big improvement on my first one for Sims 2. If you like the look of it for your Sims 2 Chakotay, you can download it here. When you've unzipped it and copied it to your Downloads folder it should appear in costume make-up with the name redo2_6. If you want it on your existing Chakotay, just send him to a mirror and tell him to change his appearance. When the blue CAS-type dialogue opens, click on the Costume Makeup icon and choose redo2_6 tattoo then accept. He should then keep the new tattoo for all outfits.

**SIMS 2 G-rated Wallpaper**

Voyager ready room wallpaper
Larger Picture

A way to make a floor-to-ceiling Voyager Ready-Room window with space scene included. This is a recolour of a base-game Build-mode wallpaper, made in 4 parts which go together 'in order' to make a 'wallpaper mural' window. You need to use the wallpapers in order, Voy 1 to Voy 4 and repeat as necessary. I've used them here on an outside wall so they don't disappear when you lower the inner-room walls. Download the file and extract to your Sims2 'downloads' folder. Each wallpaper section costs 9 simoleons. Click the picture to download the *.zip file, click the words 'Larger Picture' to see bigger preview.

**SIMS 2 G-rated Paintings**

These are large, 4-tile recolours of Maxis' own "Two Dogs And An Olive" painting, so they require that you have Sims 2: Nightlife expansion pack installed.

Just download your chosen file by clicking on the relative pic below, unzip, and copy the .package file to your My Documents|EA Games|The Sims2|Downloads folder.

The Maxis "Two Dogs...." painting looks like this, and will appear in Buy Mode|Decorative|Wall Hangings, with my pics listed behind it.


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