J/C Stories by GillyH

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*NB2* A few stories are works in progress/unfinished, so if you don't like reading only half a story, beware. I've marked the UNFINISHED, WIP stories as such.

G to PG-13 Stories

bulletHe Loves Me? She Loves Me Not?

Spring on Earth, about three months Post "Endgame". Exhausted and frustrated by the on-going Starfleet debriefings, Janeway and Chakotay spend time together at Janeway's cottage in the country. A stand-alone shortie written for Amanda47 in VAMB's Spring Fling to go with a couple of J/C wallpapers I made for her. Rated PG

bulletHolding Hands

Janeway and Chakotay visit an alien marketplace after a tip-off from Tom Paris. A small J/C scene that kept playing my head Rated PG

bulletIt Was A Dark And Stormy Night

A response to a VAMB 'Secret Ficlet' challenge. We had to write a short PG piece, starting with a line written for us by our secret match. Rated PG

bulletSome Things Will Never Change

Fed up with sales emails clogging your inbox? Janeway and Chakotay get their first taste of spam. Rated PG-13


A one-page collection of drabbles.

bulletWho Knew...?

My part in the famous 'Voyager 1001 Nights' story project. Kathryn is feeling a bit down, so Chakotay tells her stories about their crew to cheer her up ; this one is about how Neelix first met Kes, two weeks before the events of "Caretaker". Rated PG

bulletIt Takes A Hologram...

A drabble that got too big. A Chakotay POV piece containing spoilers for "Lineage". Rated R for language

bulletAccess Denied

So, there you are... it's been a long, long day and you run to the holodeck for some honey from your honey. Trouble is, you get more honey than you ever bargained for *g* A little "Fair Haven" vengence. Hell hath no mickey-take like the mickey-take of a scorned J/Cer. Rated PG-13

bulletA Simple Goodnight

I found a piccie that fitted this piece (at JCFuture's "Secret Lives of Janeway & Chakotay" - see link on my links page), so I moved it here from the drabbles page. It isn't a drabble, but it's pretty short. Bitter-sweet longing. Rated PG

bulletColour Me Happy

Kathryn's emotional/mental state during "Night" was just sorted out too 'pat' for me. This piece came to me after listening to Barbra Streisand's "My Colouring Book". Rated PG

bulletDoes He?

Another answer to a Voyager1001 challenge - this one was to have J/C kiss. Set just after of "Night". **3rd place Winner in the "Fresh Bowl - First Kiss" contest!** Rated PG-13

bulletThe Soundwaves Series - No.1 : True Colours

A new, occasional series that allows us to eavesdrop on some romantic J/C conversations. Of course, romance isn't all hearts, chocolates and flowers, all of the time. It's often the simple, everyday things that you do for someone you love.... Rated PG-13

bullet....I'm A Blue Toothbrush

Just some PG13 fluffy fun with objects that are supposed to be inanimate.... A piece inspired by L.R. Bowen's wonderful, "I Am Chakotay's Pillow." (Which is NC-17). Many thanks to L.R. Bowen for giving me permission to rip off her story style. Rated PG-13

bulletThe Lady Of The Loch

A JetC challenge. Choose a song from a Celtic tape by Steve McDonald and write whatever J/C story comes to mind. Be warned, my mind is a J/C vortex ;) Rated PG

bulletCrossed Wires

Tom and B'Ehlanna accidentally over-hear something they shouldn't. Rated PG-13


Christmas after "The Year of Hell". A time when gifts are offered ...and accepted. Pure mush and a chance for some fun in the snow. Rated PG-13

bulletWhile You Were Sleeping Part One Part Two

B'Elanna is critically injured in a freak accident, and Kathryn realises how lucky she is to be loved, so far from home. Rated PG-13

bulletSomething Out Of The Ordinary

Voyager's crew disembark on Jayaarn3 for shoreleave. How does Chakotay talk Kathryn into joining him on the planet for lunch and what happens when he boldly asks her for a kiss? Rated PG-13


Maybe Kellin left something for Chakotay to remember her by, after all. Rated PG-13

bulletThe Game

Chakotay's efforts to show Kathryn how vulnerable Voyager could be to an attack from within are successful, but stealth tactics become a game and a light-hearted distraction for both of them. Rated PG-13

Works In Progress

bulletCognac And Firelight - UNFINISHED WIP

It's Christmas Eve, eve. Throw together a cabin, moonlit snow, a stunted tree, a guilty Captain and a very lonely Commander. Add a glass of egg-nog, some popcorn n cranberries, several glasses of Cognac and stir over a roaring log fire. **UNFINISHED**

bulletChocolate!Part One Part Two - UNFINISHED WIP

In orbit of the planet Dantraal, a mystery illness is affecting some of the crew. Captain Janeway is by far the worst affected. **UNFINISHED**

bulletDays Of Wine & Roses Part One - Part Two - Part Three - Part Four - Part Five - Part Six (unfinished) - UNFINISHED WIP

My answer to a JetC17 challenge - write a story where a book of some sort figures in the plot. I chose Chakotay's private journal.

NC-17 Stories

bulletTwice As Nice

J/C/C-Hologram. Janeway and Chakotay are in the DaVinci simulation on the holodeck and Chakotay has a surprise present for Janeway. Not my usual J/C story-type at all, but something I had to get out of my system :) Rated NC-17 for adult content

bulletThe Admiral's Retreat

Endgame fixer. Janeway attends 'The Admiral's Retreat' - a friendly bonding weekend for Senior Starfleet staff affected by the Dominion war and changes within Starfleet - and finds that Chakotay has been invited to oversee some of the outdoor activities. Co-written with fellow VAMBie, CoriMariee. This is Cori's story, I just added bits to it. Rated NC-17 for adult content