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Pics by Gill Hoyle



Traveller, scientist, explorer - someone with a burning curiosity about the
Universe, who bridges the gap between the spiritual and the scientific,
the Maquis and Starfleet. (Background pictures are nebula images received from the
Hubble Space Telescope).


I was doodlin' and fiddlin' again, and thinking about something RB had said about Chakotay being calm on the surface, but trouble underneath. Hmmmmm. Watch out KJ, some Spirit Guides are over-protective and bite the hand that teases them! (g)

Fav Pics chosen by Hilary Bennett

Chakotay, Star Trek

If you'd like the above pic for desktop wallpaper, Click Here for the full size version, Windows 95/98 users right click mouse and choose "Set as Wallpaper". You might find it looks better (get outta here! How could it possibly?) (g) if you click start, settings, control panel, display, appearance, then choose item "Desktop" and pick the color black. "Center" or "Tile" the image - whichever you prefer. Macs - if anyone knows, could you email intructions. Thanks!

Star Trek:30th Anniversay

This wonderful pic is part of a complete Star Trek:30th Anniversary "Theme pack" for your computer - wallpaper, fonts, sounds, screensavers etc. If you'd like to view/download Moeman's great Desktop theme, Click Here for his page. (This pic used with Moeman's written permission).


Fav Pic of Diane Running Horse Smith


Diane has a much larger version of this picture on her page (width 471 pixels, Height 609 pixels) Click Here to be zapped directly to it. To go to Diane's front door and find her wonderful fanfic, fun pix, poetry, fan art etc Click Here

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