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Private Office

Chakotay's office on the U.S.S. Voyager NCC-74656 is located among the senior staff quarters. The Office gives the executive officer a space to work in peace.

after hoursAs First Officer, Chakotay has a major part to play in ensuring that the ship safely completes it's long journey home. When travelling through uncharted regions of space, or meeting new enemies and allies, Chakotay supports and advises Captain Janeway. She, in turn, values his wisdom and experience, confidently delegating many navigational, tactical, and personnel matters to her Executive Officer. During times of crisis, Chakotay is usually found by the captain's side on Voyager's bridge. In quieter periods, he works out of his office; only the ship's most senior officers are given the luxury of a private work area. Here, he can examine navigational charts, confer with staff in a more informal manner; attend to the many personnel or logistical problems that arise on a ship of Voyager's size; compile reports and briefings; or simply collect his thoughts in relative calm.

Private Workspace

In terms of it's size and design, Chakotay's office resembles Chief of Security Tuvok's office on Voyager, and also the Ready Rooms found on Galaxy class starships such as the U.S.S Enterprise NCC-1701-D. It does not, however, contain a sleeping space, unlike some starship ready rooms, and is located some way from the bridge. It is a workplace first and foremost, although Chakotay has added one or two personal touches to make himself feel more at home.

rugsAfter entering through the sliding doors, visitors will quickly notice that a wall on the left-hand side of the office has been given over to art objects. They reflect Chakotay's passion for his native American heritage. ShieldHe occasionally changes the items on display: in 2372, there are two brightly- patterned ethnic rugs, held together by a wooden pole, while the following year, the rugs are replaced with a large, decoratively-marked tribal shield.

after hours On the far left-hand side of the office is a comfortable, gray two-person sofa; the office also contains a chair made of the same fabric and design. At the end of a taxing day, Chakotay and Janeway sometimes after hours retire to the office with a hot drink, sit on the sofa and discuss the day's business, upcoming problems, or their own personal hopes and fears. Chakotay's office appears not to contain a replicator; this suggests that meals are rarely taken here. It is also unlikely that visitors to the ship are entertained here.

fish sculptureAttached to the right-hand side of the office's back wall is a small, golden sculpturefish detail bearing a fish symbol. A number of potted plants- by the entrance, desk and far left-handed corner - help to brighten the office's rather muted gray-blue walls and floor.


PersonnelSince full staff meetings generally take place in Voyager's conference room, Chakotay's office is used only for informal briefings with one or two crew members. Sometimes, personnel visit the office to discuss with Chakotay intimate personal problems which cannot be classified as official business.


Behind the sofa is a large, rectangular viewport that looks out onto space, indicating that Chakotay's office is located on the outer edge of the ship's superstructure. The view is another of the perks handed out to a ships higher-ranking crew members. At either side of the window, there are curved lighting-strips that bathe the corners of the office in a warm red or yellow glow; the ceiling houses additional sources of light.

In front of the sofa sits a small, circular, glass table, set upon a solid cylindrical metal pedestal. When the surface is not required - as it is during meetings, for instance - the First Officer uses it to display personal effects, usually a small decorative box.

Information Access

data wallThe back wall of Chakotay's office is dominated by a bank of computer monitors and consoles. When working at his desk, Chakotay is able to constantly data wall refer to these readout and system status displays. He also sometimes accesses the computer in order to study non-work-related items, such as symbols associated with the Rubber Tree People -an ancient people, related to Chakotay's own tribe.

cleardesk Chakotay's desk sits directly in front of the walled monitor bank, a black swivel chair with armrests placed behind it. The desk doubles as a work station, and contains additional computer terminals, as well as a small viewscreen that pulls out from the desk. Incoming or outgoing messages can be sent directly to and from this screen. Chakotay apparently dislikes the common practice of keeping personal mementos on work spaces: his desk is kept completely clear.

Information gathered and transcribed from "The Official Star Trek Fact Files" and 'Star Trek: Voyager' episodes.

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