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8th April 2007 I had a bit of a sort out of the Links page. If I've missed you and you'd like a link added, just let me know :)

1st July 2003 'The Chakotay Files' has now been fully incorporated into 'Gill's Janeway & Chakotay Page' site and the Tripod site will be closed shortly. If you haven't already done so, please update your bookmarks and your links.

08 January 2003 Added "Random Thoughts" - a Star Trek : Monthly (UK) magazine Q & A with Robert to the articles page.

30 October 2002 Added a link to Jessie's Robert Beltran Photo Art Page to the Links Page. It's a really beautiful site, Jessie! Thanks for sharing :)

23 October 2002 posted the "First Among Equals" interview and pics from the OCT 2002 issue of Star Trek: Monthly to the Articles Page

06 Sept 2002 Added a link to the Unofficial Robert Beltran Picture Site to the Links page. Go visit! It's terrific :)

21st August 2002'The Chakotay Files' has been awarded The 'Star Trek Italia Magazine' site of the month award for September 2002! Many, many thanks to them :) You can see the award at the foot of the main page.

08 Feb 2002 Added a Star Trek Monthly Galaxy Ball 2001 article and images to the Articles section.

Feb 2001

Please note that the contact addy for this site has changed. We were having terrible problems with the other one, so if you've sent mail and haven't received a reply or seen your submission added, please re-send to this one.

"J/C Subtext! Get your J/C Subtext 'ere.... read all about it!" Webmistress Gilly on why she loves to be entertained by the only Voyager character not actually on the pay-role. Click here for her article, published in "Red Alert" - The J-Team newsletter.

21st July 2000

Added a 'Cult Times' magazine interview to the Articles section.

01st January 2000

Added a new Star Trek: Monthly (U.K. mag) interview and pics to the Articles section.

18th September 1999

Started Wall3 in the Art 'n' Pics section with a drawing of Chakotay by the irrepressibly 'J/C' Puck!

30th July 1999

Added a new Wall to the Art'n' pics section. The new wall has fan art by the multi-talented Claudia and links to larger size images. You'll also find some of her adorably funny "Duckager" cartoons. Check 'em out!

19th June 1999

Added this 'What's New?' Page.

Added a lovely Chakotay pic to The Wall courtesy of Diane Running Horse Smith.

Changed 'The Chakotay Files' email contact/submission addy. It'll be easier to have all your emails, submissions, requests etc coming through to my usual addy. Please use: Thanks :)

10th June 1999

Diamond's J/C Tribute Page was updated.

06th June 1999

JC Future's Secret Life of Janeway & Chakotay was updated with lots of new Chakotay screen-captures.

Not exactly sure when, but Joan & Ute have updated their Screensavers Page. Lots of lovely Chakotay screensavers, wallpapers etc. Tonnes of other Voyager screensavers, too!

01st June 1999

Published a non-frames version of The Chakotay Files' on Tripod for those of us with older browsers. The Xoom.Com frames version of 'The Chakotay Files' is still available though. Both versions will be updated at the same time. NB: If you find yourself plagued by pop-up menus on the Tripod site, you can stop them like this: Click 'Options', click 'Network Preferences', click the 'Language' tab, click off, 'Enable Java' and 'Enable Java Script', and Voila! I've tried to write the HTML so that they aren't a problem, but just in case I got it wrong BIGTIME, this should do the trick. Just click the java and java script back on when you're done. :)

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