I am a camera

Chak's Movie Album

Chakotay's candid snap-shots of hologram Michael Sullivan, tripping the light fantastic - pictures his Captain will no-doubt treasure, always......

***Ed Sez: These are small animations. To 'get them', please allow the page to finish loading before you scroll.***

Kathryn introduces Michael to the movies...

Flashlight Michael

He seems to enjoy the film, but for some reason, he keeps leaping-up to show people to their seats.

Kathryn asks Michael if he's ready to go....

Indecisive Michael

But he can't seem to make up his mind.

As they're leaving, Michael loses Kathryn in the crowd.....

Look-out Michael

He panics and goes into search mode.

I hope this is Michael all gussied-up and ready for Prixin.....


My Kathryn isn't the 'swinging from the chandelier' type!.

Animations from "The Animation Factory"

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