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I work very hard to Photoshop/photochop these 'J/C, J or C, KM or RB' fake and non-fake pictures, so please give credit where credit is due if you use them on your site, and Especially if you use them to make icons, sigs, avatars etc for sharing on Live Journal. Just a tiny credit/link on your page when and where you post them is fine. Otherwise, you're saying that you made them from scratch - by ommission - and that's just not fair. Ta :)

All Wallpapers are 1024 x 768


castnblk8x6 chak_civvies_fiddle chak_jwaysooner2 chakotay_hs3b1024 chakotay_hs4b1024 chakotaybw1

chakotayhs1024x768f2 chakseska chakslvpaper codapalm2 commchakotay2 wolfchak28x6

xmascard2001 daddys_girl28x6 daddys_girl8x6 delta_rose_jc delta_rose_jc2 delta_rose_jc3

desktop11024x768 dvdfinal3 ekragain ekrpaper if_i_lost_him_8x6 indiscreeta8x6

indiscreetb8x6 indreams janeway_bride1024x768 jaway_frost007b jaway_frost007b2 jaway_frost007c

jaway_frost007c2 jc_batcave8x6 jc_bookpaper jc_busted jc_busted_3pics_fiddle jc_dreamscape

jc_dvd1a jc_dvd5a jc_green28x6 jc_lastday_wp jc_lith8x6 jc_lovers1024x768

jc_moonglade jc_moonglade_grey2 jc_newearth_paradise1 jc_oil_blue1d jc_voyager8x6 jcblackpaper2

jcbox2_1024 jcbox_1024 jcearthnight8 jcpaper jcpassion2 jcpassion3

jcpicnicfull jcseason7lrg jcsleep8x6 jcxmas6b jway_coffeeblack jwayfilmframe2

kate_chaisej2 kate_starry2 katealone8x6 kateblack_1 kateroxann8x6 kates

katrine8x6 kjchakstm_1024x768 kjgoldedge kmapril2001 kmblack1 kmrbblue2

kmrbchair8x6 lavita_nuova lavita_nuova2 palmofmyhand3 rb3 rbapril2001

rbfedcon orbpaper rbjkt2_colourised8x6 rbkm2april2001 rbkm_castblackc2 rbkm_castblackc3

respect3 robertblk8x6 sleepless_in_indiana spacescene6paper springbrush tea_at_five

timelesswall adm_coda_rose2 admchak8x8 arachnia_frm2 arachnia_frm_bw2 kate20051024x768

rbkmapril2001 rbkmblack_pink1024x768b rbscreenpaint3a resolutions8x6 respect2 jwayhs8x6

kate_actor2 kate_actor2clrd kate_chaiseh2

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